standard silicone baking moulds

and their problems ....


Due to the non-stick property of silicone nearly all manufacturers say that the cake can be removed perfectly from their silicone baking moulds. But only on few of these silicone moulds this is definitely true. And in most cases you have to at least grease the mould. Thanks to the patented folding apart of WUNDERFORM removal of cake from the WUNDERFORM is a child's play and no greasing is necessary.


In addition the strong deformation of silicone material is a big problem on standard silicone baking moulds. Among others this can be due to thin material, to missing reenforcement or to low quality of material. Then the dough is pressing outwards and the cake looks unsightly after baking or even worse the dough spills over. Therefore WUNDERFORM from coox is made out of a high-quality, strong silicone and also fitted with reenforcements out of stainless steel.  For reasons of hygiene these reenforcements are completely covered by siicone.