never toppling again !

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coox Wunderform geschlossen mit Zitronenkuchen

bake perfectly !

 coox Wunderform geöfnnet mit Zitronenkuchen

open easily !

 coox Wunderform geöffnet mit Zitronenkuchen und Puderzucker

decorate neatly !

as often, thinking of solutions to problems .......

.... we developed WUNDERFORM baking tray


- all goodies can be tipped out easily and completely without toppling


- without unhygienic corners where rests of dough may remain after washing


- due non-stick properties of silicone no coating necessary, that can peel off or scratch


- that takes no space in your kitchen when folded apart


The COOX History

coox is the new brand for smart & innovative products for the kitchen.  We love to develop smart products for those of you who share our passion for baking and cooking. Thus we consider it as a challenge to solve real problems which so far have been considered as annoying, but "normal".


We have been starting with the WUNDERFORM whichis so easy and smart, that we are still surprised that we definitely have been the first to have this ingenious idea.


being fond of baking & cooking......

We really enjoy working with out products and would like to share our passion with you. We would like to surprise you regularly with ideas for new recipes. All recipes that you find in the section 'REZEPTE' are 100 % home-made

(Recipes at present in German only - English will follow later - SORRY !)



100%  home-made

Ralf Scheel & Marc Elsen

COOX has been founded in 2016 by the friends Mark Elsen and Ralf Scheel.


Marc Elsen is managing director of ambikon GmbH and spcialist for kitchen products with a lot of experience in various business channels as classical retail, online and teleshopping.


Ralf Scheel has been a successful, independant product designer for more than 10 years. He is developing products and communication strategies for well-known companies.